The A150C is perfect for home preparedness. The A150C can produce up to 150 liters or 39 gallons of fresh water a day. The A150C comes with Holding tank, Filtration and a Dispenser.

  • Production capacity: 150L/day (25℃/80%HR).
  • Power: 220v/50Hz
  • Power consum: 1.4KW
  • Wind volume: 1300㎡/h.
  • Obstruction of the wind : >180pa.
  • Refrigeration:R134a; volume: 7KG.
  • Filtration: PP+CTO+RO+T33+UV
  • Holding Tank: 20 Gallon Pressurized. Price excludes shipping. If you wish to buy, please contact us.

Size: 85 x 55 x 127cm
Weight: 80kg
Power Supply: 220v